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The Great Equalizer

060329moradabadmk199 Your lottery is already won.

All the pain and suffering of this world will come and go.  You cannot stop it.  You cannot stop the rain, but the point is - you don't need to get drenched. 

The sun will shine.  It will bring heat.  If you feel hot, you can sit in the shade.  You do not need to feel that heat.

By sitting under the shade of the tree of Knowledge, you can enjoy your life.  You can know that there is a possibility in your life. True freedom.  That creator is giving you so much.  You do not need to make yourself breathe.  You do not need to remember anything to receive this breath.


The day this breath stops, everyone is equal.  Nothing else matters.

When you are born, people are looking at one thing: whether you are breathing or not.  The time will come when people will again check whether you are breathing or not.  One is about your first breath, the other is about your last.  Both of these things depend on your breath.  It is within you. It is something you can truly appreciate.

What is needed?  Knowledge is needed.  Thirst is needed.  The thirst that is already within us, we need to understand it.  We need to experience it.

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Make the Impossible Possible

060329moradabadmk123 You have been created. 


You have been created. 

You are here.

Your human form has been given to you by the creator.  How privileged you are.   

What an incredible gift. 

In what way?   

This human body is a vessel. In this vessel, the breath that is coming and going is a gift to you. The creator is giving you not just one, but many gifts. 

What do you need to understand this?  You need a strong teacher.  A strong master.   


You need someone who can make the impossible possible.  Someone who can make you see, make you understand the true nature of this gift. 


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The Desire for Joy

Maharaji spoke in Pathakpur, in the region of Moradabad.  Over 80,000 people came to hear him, many for the first time.  I was excited to see so many people come and listen to Maharaji for the first time. 

Some excerpts from his address are below.  They are from the English translation, so the literal meaning may not be exact. 


You are a human being, and you are blessed by the creator with the gift of this life.  No Tom, Dick or Harry created you.  China did not create you.  India did not create you.  United States did not create you. The creator has given you this gift of life.


Your eyes are where they are for a reason.  Why do you have two eyes?  So you can easily see if the tree is near or far. 

The way the creator has made you, he has put a desire within you.  That desire is for happiness.  Contentment.  Supreme Bliss.  It is not a small desire. 


I have travelled all around the world.  I go to many places.  I don't go to visit or tour.  I go to see people.  I go to talk to people.  In my individual experience, wherever I go, I see that every human being needs joy.  He wants joy.  He wants to know that feeling of bliss. 


There is a thirst within you.  Even if all your desires are met, you will still feel that thirst, that need to fulfill your life.

Fulfill your life.

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The Joy that is Yours

There is a child.  His parents have given him everything.  They have a huge house, servants, cars, everything.

That child somehow separates from his parents.  He gets lost.  When he is young, he does not know of such riches, but as he grows, he gets hungry.  He does whatever he can to manage in his life. 

But he does not know. 

He does not know that there is such a place - his house - where he will never be left hungry.  There is a place where he can comfortably sleep.  He does not need to sleep on the streets. 

But he does not know this. 

He goes from city to city, from village to village.  He has to build fires to keep warm, and each day he must find food.  His life is hard.  He does not know that there is a place, where every room for him is cool. 


There is a man who knows who this boy is, where his house is, and what is available to him.  He goes to that boy, and tells him: "You do not need to suffer.  Everything you need is available." 

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Maharaji Arriving - Pathakpur


Maharaji arrived by helicopter, landing beside a field of wheat.   

Many people gathered to watch.  It is very rare for these people to see a helicopter.  For many, it is the first time they have seen one land.



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People Arriving - Pathakpur

What is it like to witness 80,000 people arriving at an event in an open field? 
060329moradabadmk029 A sea of people, moving in one direction.  To see Maharaji. 

Look closely at the picture above - you can see the screen - a tiny rectangle in the distance, on the right of the photo. 

060329moradabadmk036060329moradabadmk009 The arrival of such a large number of people usually starts in the morning, and can continue all day, ceasing only when Maharaji has finished speaking. 

In many places, events of this size are held in big stadiums, with major traffic chaos, and contracted crowd control.  Here, sometimes people's arrival and departure is chaotic, other times it is like watching a river flow. 


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Tents in Waidan & Moradabad


We are staying for the second time this trip on site in a small camp.
There are no suitable hotels in the area.
It's a choice between a roach infested smelly hotel room or a clean tent with mosquito netting.

Waidan_setup1 I can hear the agricultural generators in the background as I put on my iPod and listen to the latest Darshan music.  Nice...

I download the days pix into my PowerBook and slowly unwind.

Meanwhile in my camp there are odd bird sounds at 1:30 AM or maybe it is the security guys signaling each other.  Anyway I am peaceful and grateful to be here, I feel safe in a world of uncertainty.

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Maharaji in Pathakpur (Moradabad)

_dsc5009 Where are we now? 

We asked for the name of the village where the event is being held.  Officially it is Moradabad but that is the name of a city and a district.  We are in the district of Moradabad but quite a distance from the city. 

This place is remote.  A different flavor of India, nice but different.  Pathakpur is the name.  It's the most remote place we have been so far.  About 80,000 people came to hear Maharaji speak. 

_dsc5102   This shot was taken backstage, before the event.


_dsc5078 We camped on site, as there was no suitable accommodation near by. 

On the drive here we saw many vehicles loaded with sugar cane.  This must be a time of harvesting sugar cane as the roads were filled with tractor trailers, trucks and bullock carts laden with cane.  There is a sugar refinery about 10km from the event site. 

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On the Road

Village_hut On the Road

I just arrived at the event site after an 11 hour drive.  Beautiful country to drive through, always fascinating.

On the RoadOn the Road Driving_to_waidan_4Brushing_teeth

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Fufill your Life

You are a human being.

No matter what you do, make your life a success.  Make your life fulfilled.


060326yamunagarmk055Yamunagarmk052_1 If you can't find that fulfillment, come to me.  I can help.  I don't charge for this.  I give it for free.  I give it for love.  I don't charge because it is worth more than you will ever have. 

This Knowledge is for everyone.  I don't charge for it because it is priceless. 

060326yamunagarmk064060326yamunagarmk124Those who come with a true heart and ask for Knowledge, will receive it.  This can become true in your life.  It is possible for everybody.  You should always make your life fulfilled. Filled with happiness.