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Testing Beautiful Images


People say, “Well, you should be responsible, you should take care of your problems.”

The problem is that the problems come and then they go and then they come back again. Like the Shakespeare wheel that turns. If you’re not happy with what’s happening, wait a little while. It will change. And if you’re too happy, don’t worry. It’ll change.

~ Prem Rawat

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An Awesome Experience

Ekangarsaraiwideshot_1 Maharaji spoke in Barcelona about the India events, saying:

060416bcnmk173 "I’ve done 20 events in 13 cities, flown 2,400 and some-odd nautical miles in a helicopter, flown a little over 24 hours all around India, and spoken to 1.7 and some million people there, plus the interview. Which actually makes it 14 places and 21 events."

It is hard to put in words how India was for me.



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For you, by you.

060402jaipurmk416 What is there within you? 

You can experience it.  Only you can experience it.  Not as a group.  Every individual can experience it. 

Your wife, she cannot eat for you.  You love your child, but you cannot eat for your child, and your child cannot eat for you.

In the same way, you can't experience that supreme happiness for anyone else.  It can be only your experience.  For you, by you. 

People think that together we will experience peace one day, and we will all be dancing together, saying OK, this is "peace".  No.  Peace is there within you.  The thing that I have been talking about - it is still there, within you.  The only thing is - you do not know it. 


The day that you know about it, your life will be fulfilled.


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Maharaji Awaken. Open your eyes. 

The day you will open your eyes, you will come to know about reality.  Reality is not bad.

People say - truth is always bitter.  If you open your eyes, you will find the truth is not bitter. 

Your breath is going on.  Understand that.  Appreciate that.060402jaipurmk294

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A Gift


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What is Knowledge?

060402jaipurmk379 What is Knowledge?

To look forward, to look outside, you need to have eyes.  To listen to something, you need to have ears. 

If you want to go inside, within your heart, again, you need to have a medium.

Knowledge is that medium.

I can give you that Knowledge so that you can see within. 

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The Farmer




The farmer believes in rain.  He needs water.  He can't make his crops understand if there is no rain. 

In the same way, there are a few necessities of a being a human being.  You have the necessity of this peace in the same way you have the necessity to sleep, to eat, to have water.  You need to have peace in your life. 

A field is a field.  But the farmer has only one connection with that field.  For that farmer, the connection is with his crop.  People go to a field, they see rocks and more rocks.  Where people are plowing the field, they put aside all the rocks.  If the rocks are in the way, it is not possible to have crops there.  They move all the rocks aside, then they plow the field so they can have the best crop.

060402jaipurmk253You are also a farmer.  You are a farmer, farming your human potential.  This time which has been given to you, this is your field. 

I ask you - oh farmer, what have you sown in this field?  When will your field be ready for the crop and when will you harvest?  When will you eradicate your real hunger?  When will you get that peace in your life?

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Your Path

Maharaji addressed over 40,000 people in Pawalia, not far from Jaipur.  Below is an excerpt from his address, where he spoke of knowing ones path in life.


Many people forget that yes, we are running on the path of this life.  There was a time when you didn't look like you do now.  At that time, you were a very small child, your teeth were different, your eyes were different. 

Now if you see yourself in the mirror, and if you see a difference on your face, then you know you are running on this path of life.  Its not like you have a ticket and you are waiting for the bus.  No.  You are already on the bus.  This bus is running.


I am asking you - passenger, oh passenger, where are you going?  You are sitting in the bus, but where are you going?  What is there?  Your dreams or some reality?  Where are you going?  Who are you looking for? Who will be your companion? 

060402jaipurmk195On this path of life, who will be there with you?  Where are you going?  Where have you come from?  When, where will this bus stop?  When will you step down from this bus?  What is this bus? Where will you be able to go?  You are on this journey, but you do not know where you are going.  The result of this will not be good.  Before getting on the bus, you must know where it is going.


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Maharaji in India - Event Locations

Indiaevents_mar2006This is a map of the locations where events were held over the past 4 weeks.

At each place Maharaji was invited, he addressed thousands and thousands of people.  Most people who came to hear Maharaji arrived on foot, and were coming to hear him for the first time. 

If you have Google Earth, download all the event locations here - Maharaji in India March 2006.

Using Google Earth, you can virtually fly to each location Maharaji visited.  It shows just how much travelling Maharaji does in an effort to fulfill his vision.

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Over 1 Million Hearts

The Indian events finished with Maharaji giving two addresses in the state of Rajasthan.

Maharaji has made the impossible possible.  In the past month, he has visited 12 different locations, addressing over 1 million people, in more than 17 different events.  Many places visited during this tour are places that Maharaji has never visited before.

Photos and excerpts from the events in Pawalia and Jhalawar will be posted from 3pm, 8th April - Pacific daylight time.

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