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    Holi in Bantoli

    A few days ago in Ranchi.

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    An Open Heart

    21 When there is that path to truth, come with an open heart.  Come with love.  Come with that genuine interest - "yes, I want to get in touch with that contentment in my heart." 

    Not for one day, or two days, but every day in your life.  Come with the thirst for that experience. 

    Thirst for that home in your heart. 

    Fulfill your life with happiness.
    This should be the thirst.

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    The Garden

    If you want an evergreen life, a garden that is always full of color and flowers, then you should know that fulfillment within. 

    If you know that, your garden will always remain green.

    How will you know?  Not only with words, you need to experience it. 

    You need to experience that peace within you. 

    For that, you need Knowledge.  You need the real Knowledge.  The Knowledge that can put you in touch with that contentment within.

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    What is Yours?

    Maharaji_4 No one is yours.  Only one thing is yours.  That is the contentment, the peace that is within you.  In the real temple of your heart, that contentment exists.

    If you are thirsty, do you think of quenching your thirst another day? 


    You must quench your thirst today.  Everything else can come again, but this day can never come back.

    Can I get in touch with that contentment or not?  It exists in every heart.  In every heart, there is that divinity.  Every heart has the possibility to be fulfilled. 


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    A human being, like a blindfolded ox, keeps walking in circles day and night, not getting anywhere.

    He forgets - this breath which is coming and going - it is priceless.

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    Maharaji in Ekangar Sarai

    Audience_arrival Around 150,000 people came to hear Maharaji speak in Ekangar Sarai.
    The audience seemed to enjoy what Maharaji said.

    The event was held in the morning before it got too hot so people could be comfortable.  This event is the biggest event of the tour so far.

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    Maharaji If you want to fulfill your life in this world, you need courage.

    If you don't have courage, you will get caught.

    For those who have courage, for those who say - "no matter what this world says, I want to fulfill my life", for those, there is Knowledge.

    If this was not possible to be fulfilled, then there would not be Knowledge. 

    _dsc3525 You can recognize that voice within you. That voice is beckoning you again and again to go towards that contentment within.  To fulfill your life.

    Find that thing that is in each one of your breaths.

    Find it.
    Know it.   

    If you find it, you don't have to leave empty handed.  You came empty handed, but you don't have to leave empty handed. 

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    A Gift

    When the breath comes into you, it is the gift of the creator. This human body is such a shape that this breath coming into you is a gift to you.

    You have the biggest opportunity. What you are looking for is not outside. However much you look for it, it is not out there. It is within you.

    If you want to get in touch with the true peace, it is within you.
    AudienceAbove is an excerpt from the english translation. Maharaji spoke in Hindi, so the literal meaning may not be exactly what was said.

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    Jhariya Toli: Happiness

    Maharaji spoke of happiness and the similarities all people share, saying:

    "From outside, each of us have different bodies.
    That which is within each heart is the same for everyone.

    All of the happiness is within you.

    Where is the real temple?
    It is within me. It is within you.
    The day you experience it, your life will be fulfilled.

    That feeling you have in your heart, you can experience that again and again. Experience that every day in your life."

    For me, each time I hear Maharaji, it is so refreshing to be reminded of the possibility within.
    Jhariya Toli Crowd
    Above is an excerpt from the english translation. Maharaji spoke in Hindi, so the literal meaning may not be exactly what was said.

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    Jhariya Toli: Beyond Expectations

    Yesterday an event was held in a field in Jhariya Toli. Surrounded by small villages, the event happened about 3km outside of Sisai. Sisai is a small market town in Jharkand about 2 hours drive from Ranchi.
    People Arriving

    They say that in Bihar and Jharkand it is very hard to tell just how many people will come to an event.

    The estimate for this event was 60-70,000 people. By noon, it was obvious that many more would come.
    Coming to hear MaharajiIn my experience, when over 100,000 people come to an event, the crowd starts forming early and then builds all day. That's what I saw. Streams of people arrived from all directions on foot, riding bicycles, in buses and on trailers pulled behind tractors.

    The audience was very attentive when Maharaji spoke. I estimate that 125,000 came to hear him.
    Listening to Maharaji