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    Maharaji Arriving - Pathakpur


    Maharaji arrived by helicopter, landing beside a field of wheat.   

    Many people gathered to watch.  It is very rare for these people to see a helicopter.  For many, it is the first time they have seen one land.



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    Tents in Waidan & Moradabad


    We are staying for the second time this trip on site in a small camp.
    There are no suitable hotels in the area.
    It's a choice between a roach infested smelly hotel room or a clean tent with mosquito netting.

    Waidan_setup1 I can hear the agricultural generators in the background as I put on my iPod and listen to the latest Darshan music.  Nice...

    I download the days pix into my PowerBook and slowly unwind.

    Meanwhile in my camp there are odd bird sounds at 1:30 AM or maybe it is the security guys signaling each other.  Anyway I am peaceful and grateful to be here, I feel safe in a world of uncertainty.

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    Morning1_400 I woke this morning with a feeling that today would be incredible. Out of the thick fog emerged a morning of beauty and vivid color.


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    Travel: Jabalpur to Waidhan

    Jabalpur_helipad_prep_5A farmers field in Jabalpur was transformed into a helipad, allowing Maharaji to travel via helicopter and land close the the event site. The ground had become soft because of overnight rain.

    When it came time to leave, re-fueling began. The weight of the fuel made one of the helicopter wheels sink into the ground! Heli_listing_2Chopper_wheel6 The helicopter was leaning to one side. This can be dangerous.

    Heli_preflight_check_2 Maharaji did the usual pre-flight check and then asked the area to be cleared out. He hopped into the pilots seat and fired up the engines. After a bit of tussling with the controls he managed to free the one wheel that had become stuck in the mud. He kept the helicopter flying just enough so it wouldn't sink in, but kept it on the ground, so the passengers could board. He then took off, on the way to the next event! Takeoff Heli_departure Chopper_wheel5

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    Preparing at RVK

    It has been raining here the past few days. The air is fresh and so is the feeling. Everything is in bloom (people and flowers!).




    There is alot to do to prepare for the event in Delhi. Tents will accomodate thousands of people here during the event.

    The production crew just arrived back from Gorakhpur, and so did the trailers. One step closer to preparing for the event here!


    While they have been travelling, I have been posting some excerpts Michael forwarded to me, as internet access on the road is not always available. There will be more posts very soon from the events that happened in the past few days.

    Sushila Davies

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    Jabalpur Setup

    This is the location of tomorrow's event
    Jabalpur_setup_3People are preparing for the event. Its beautiful to see their expressions.

    Below is one of the trailers that will support the event tomorrow. These trailers help us alot - we can be ready for an event in 3 hours.

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    My name is Michael Wood and after reading the web log of the Fort Lauderdale event, it inspired me to post a log of my visit to India this winter.  Traveling around India to Maharaji’s events is both fun and challenging - there are lots of stories to be told.

    I have been taking photos of Maharaji for many years and feel privileged to be involved in his work.  The idea of posting pictures of my travels to his events seems like fun to me so I will give it a go.

    It looks like there will be around a million people seeing Maharaji “live” during the next month.  Many of the events will be taking place in remote locations.  At least 9 locations will host events in addition to the three day Holi event in Delhi. 

    It sounds like fun to me! 

    I hope you enjoy my web log.