Why, What, How & Who

Why does innerlink exist? 

Remembering what life is about is essential, free, and for everyday.  We believe that 100%. We call it the Innerlink.  Our purpose: to inspire people to remember.

What do we do? 

We provide fun, inspiring media daily, in bite sized quantities. Topics: Humor, Inspiration, Health... and more.

How do we work?

We curate, create and publish top quality media. Words, films, images, music & more, available free online, on your phone, in your email, via facebook, twitter and more. We find & create content in a variety of ways.  If you have great content to recommend, please email us.

Who created it?

Innerlink was created as a collaboration between Sushila Davies (Producer, Editor) and Michael Wood (Photographer, Traveller). 

Who is innerlink for?


For info about Innerlink's contributors, visit the credits page.