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Your Path

Maharaji addressed over 40,000 people in Pawalia, not far from Jaipur.  Below is an excerpt from his address, where he spoke of knowing ones path in life.


Many people forget that yes, we are running on the path of this life.  There was a time when you didn't look like you do now.  At that time, you were a very small child, your teeth were different, your eyes were different. 

Now if you see yourself in the mirror, and if you see a difference on your face, then you know you are running on this path of life.  Its not like you have a ticket and you are waiting for the bus.  No.  You are already on the bus.  This bus is running.


I am asking you - passenger, oh passenger, where are you going?  You are sitting in the bus, but where are you going?  What is there?  Your dreams or some reality?  Where are you going?  Who are you looking for? Who will be your companion? 

060402jaipurmk195On this path of life, who will be there with you?  Where are you going?  Where have you come from?  When, where will this bus stop?  When will you step down from this bus?  What is this bus? Where will you be able to go?  You are on this journey, but you do not know where you are going.  The result of this will not be good.  Before getting on the bus, you must know where it is going.



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