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Water for the Thirsty

In your life, there should be peace.  What is the real peace?

People create a prison, and those who do wrong are put in the prison.  When it comes to a prison, people's hearts start beating faster. 

I have been to a prison.  When I was invited there to speak, the people there listened to me.  There are people there who have Knowledge, and people who are watching the Keys


I am not a judge, I am not a lawyer.  My work is not to see what wrong you have done. 

My work is - if you are thirsty, I can give you water. 
This is my work.   

060326yamunagarmk211Wi4z1494_1If you have a thirst for that Knowledge, I can give you water. 

Water doesn't discriminate.  Water doesn't say - you belong to the wrong religion.  No.  It is not like that.

Those who put the bucket in the well, they will get the water.


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