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The Joy that is Yours

There is a child.  His parents have given him everything.  They have a huge house, servants, cars, everything.

That child somehow separates from his parents.  He gets lost.  When he is young, he does not know of such riches, but as he grows, he gets hungry.  He does whatever he can to manage in his life. 

But he does not know. 

He does not know that there is such a place - his house - where he will never be left hungry.  There is a place where he can comfortably sleep.  He does not need to sleep on the streets. 

But he does not know this. 

He goes from city to city, from village to village.  He has to build fires to keep warm, and each day he must find food.  His life is hard.  He does not know that there is a place, where every room for him is cool. 


There is a man who knows who this boy is, where his house is, and what is available to him.  He goes to that boy, and tells him: "You do not need to suffer.  Everything you need is available." 

Being a human being, I know this sounds unbelievable.  That boy, that child will not find it easy to believe what he is being told.  He will find it impossible.  Why?  Until now, all he has experienced in his life has been pain and suffering.  This is all he knows. 

Out of the blue, this person comes and tells him - all joy, all happiness is possible for you.  As a human being I am telling you this.  I am a human being, you are a human being.  In the first instance, this sounds very unbelievable.  But it is the truth. 
What is happiness for this child?  For this child, happiness is finding two pieces of bread.  He is hungry, and if he can find two pieces of bread, dry bread, he will be happy.  His hunger will be satisfied.  If somebody gives him bread, he becomes happy. 

060329vill_moradabadmk045 The person standing next to him is telling him: you do not need to eat this cold, dry food.  You can eat anything you want.  If you want, there can be 52 different dishes cooked for you every single day.

When the boy feels sleepy, he finds some straw or hay, and that is all he desires.  If he can find somewhere comfortable to lie down and sleep, he will feel content. 

This person is telling him:  "You do not need to lie down here.  There is such a place where there is a bed made of silk, just for you.  You can lie there." 

This boy cannot even dream that all these things are available to him. Whatever he thinks is a necessity to him, he is so busy taking care of those necessities, he cannot even imagine what is possible. 

060329moradabadmk118 Who is that child? 

It is you.  Who is the man who knows who you actually are and what is available to you?  That is me. 

I go to places and tell people - you do not know who you are, and you do not know what is available for you.  You cannot even imagine.  All the happiness, all the joy you need is within you. 

The joy that is yours is not found in pilgrimages. 

The joy that is yours is not in some temple.  It is within you.  If you haven't experienced that joy, this is all words.  If you do not experience that heaven, that paradise while you are alive, your life is incomplete. What does this mean? 
Go. Search.  If you find that joy, stick with it.  If you do not find it, come to me. I can help. 


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