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The Great Equalizer

060329moradabadmk199 Your lottery is already won.

All the pain and suffering of this world will come and go.  You cannot stop it.  You cannot stop the rain, but the point is - you don't need to get drenched. 

The sun will shine.  It will bring heat.  If you feel hot, you can sit in the shade.  You do not need to feel that heat.

By sitting under the shade of the tree of Knowledge, you can enjoy your life.  You can know that there is a possibility in your life. True freedom.  That creator is giving you so much.  You do not need to make yourself breathe.  You do not need to remember anything to receive this breath.


The day this breath stops, everyone is equal.  Nothing else matters.

When you are born, people are looking at one thing: whether you are breathing or not.  The time will come when people will again check whether you are breathing or not.  One is about your first breath, the other is about your last.  Both of these things depend on your breath.  It is within you. It is something you can truly appreciate.

What is needed?  Knowledge is needed.  Thirst is needed.  The thirst that is already within us, we need to understand it.  We need to experience it.


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Thank you very much. India was heavenly!!

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