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The Farmer




The farmer believes in rain.  He needs water.  He can't make his crops understand if there is no rain. 

In the same way, there are a few necessities of a being a human being.  You have the necessity of this peace in the same way you have the necessity to sleep, to eat, to have water.  You need to have peace in your life. 

A field is a field.  But the farmer has only one connection with that field.  For that farmer, the connection is with his crop.  People go to a field, they see rocks and more rocks.  Where people are plowing the field, they put aside all the rocks.  If the rocks are in the way, it is not possible to have crops there.  They move all the rocks aside, then they plow the field so they can have the best crop.

060402jaipurmk253You are also a farmer.  You are a farmer, farming your human potential.  This time which has been given to you, this is your field. 

I ask you - oh farmer, what have you sown in this field?  When will your field be ready for the crop and when will you harvest?  When will you eradicate your real hunger?  When will you get that peace in your life?

Many people are saying - peace, peace, peace in this world.  There are so many who say it.  What is peace? - that is understood by very few people.  Those people who understand peace know that it is not a word.   Peace is something I have to experience in my life.060402jaipurmk380

So what is the meaning of saying "Peace"?  Meaning is only one thing.  We, in our life, like that farmer, we have to plow our field in such a way, that even our crops will be ready for harvest.  Ready for use, to enjoy while we are alive.  Not when we are dead.  Those who say - sow the seed now, and you will find a crop only when you are dead, they are not farmers.  That is not a farmer. 

060402jaipurmk148The farmer knows that when he sows the seeds, he waits for the crops to come up.  How long does he wait?  He knows how long the crop takes to be ready, and he waits only that time.  If he waits any more that that, the crop will spoil. 

060402jaipurmk082 If you have to get to heaven, it is here.  It is not after you die.  You have to experience that heaven while you are alive.  Being alive, you have to experience that heaven.  You have to experience that peace while you are alive.  Being alive, you have to see that crop.  Not only do you have to see it, but you have to harvest it.  Then you have to experience it.  You have to satisfy your hunger.  This is what has been given by the creator to each and very human being in this world.  People are there who are saying different things in this world.  But I know this.  It is not a debate.  Where there is water, it will be green. This is the law of nature.  Where there is no water, there will be no greenery.  Water is necessary to make it green. 


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Thank you guys for this. It is so inspiring to be able to keep up with the latest words from our beloved.

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