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The Desire for Joy

Maharaji spoke in Pathakpur, in the region of Moradabad.  Over 80,000 people came to hear him, many for the first time.  I was excited to see so many people come and listen to Maharaji for the first time. 

Some excerpts from his address are below.  They are from the English translation, so the literal meaning may not be exact. 


You are a human being, and you are blessed by the creator with the gift of this life.  No Tom, Dick or Harry created you.  China did not create you.  India did not create you.  United States did not create you. The creator has given you this gift of life.


Your eyes are where they are for a reason.  Why do you have two eyes?  So you can easily see if the tree is near or far. 

The way the creator has made you, he has put a desire within you.  That desire is for happiness.  Contentment.  Supreme Bliss.  It is not a small desire. 


I have travelled all around the world.  I go to many places.  I don't go to visit or tour.  I go to see people.  I go to talk to people.  In my individual experience, wherever I go, I see that every human being needs joy.  He wants joy.  He wants to know that feeling of bliss. 


There is a thirst within you.  Even if all your desires are met, you will still feel that thirst, that need to fulfill your life.

Fulfill your life.


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It is so wonderful to see dirrefent people around the world,
with the same smile, to see Him!
Thanks to Maharaji, only He can do that!
Keep it up! I love this!

You'll be pleased to know that in the month on March, over 1,000 Italian speaking people have regularly visited and read the Italian translation of this blog, on http://www.paroledipace.it/India.html.
Keep posting!

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