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Over 1 Million Hearts

The Indian events finished with Maharaji giving two addresses in the state of Rajasthan.

Maharaji has made the impossible possible.  In the past month, he has visited 12 different locations, addressing over 1 million people, in more than 17 different events.  Many places visited during this tour are places that Maharaji has never visited before.

Photos and excerpts from the events in Pawalia and Jhalawar will be posted from 3pm, 8th April - Pacific daylight time.

To set up and produce these events, we drove over 6 hours from Delhi to Jaipur for the first event.  This event was in a village about an hour from Jaipur, called Pawalia.  Over 40,000 people came to listen to Maharaji, the majority hearing him speak for the first time.

8am the next day, we left Jaipur, driving 8 hours to Jhalawar. Jhalawar was the most colorful place I have been yet.  The Saree's and turbans were the brightest colors I have ever seen.  I will post some photos tomorrow - descriptions will not do!

The Jhalawar event was beautiful. 

Numbers are numbers.  For me, the number of people who hear Maharaji does not add meaning to his message.  It is the possibility for each heart to understand something, to learn about an incredible possibility.  That's the exciting part!


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