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Maharaji in Pathakpur (Moradabad)

_dsc5009 Where are we now? 

We asked for the name of the village where the event is being held.  Officially it is Moradabad but that is the name of a city and a district.  We are in the district of Moradabad but quite a distance from the city. 

This place is remote.  A different flavor of India, nice but different.  Pathakpur is the name.  It's the most remote place we have been so far.  About 80,000 people came to hear Maharaji speak. 

_dsc5102   This shot was taken backstage, before the event.


_dsc5078 We camped on site, as there was no suitable accommodation near by. 

On the drive here we saw many vehicles loaded with sugar cane.  This must be a time of harvesting sugar cane as the roads were filled with tractor trailers, trucks and bullock carts laden with cane.  There is a sugar refinery about 10km from the event site. 


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There are no words to describe the beauty of Maharajis words of hope and the constant love and inpiration, thank you so much for the wonderful photos too. Please keep it up.

Maharaji's words are as sweet as sugarcane. India is different but it is nice.

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