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Fufill your Life

You are a human being.

No matter what you do, make your life a success.  Make your life fulfilled.


060326yamunagarmk055Yamunagarmk052_1 If you can't find that fulfillment, come to me.  I can help.  I don't charge for this.  I give it for free.  I give it for love.  I don't charge because it is worth more than you will ever have. 

This Knowledge is for everyone.  I don't charge for it because it is priceless. 

060326yamunagarmk064060326yamunagarmk124Those who come with a true heart and ask for Knowledge, will receive it.  This can become true in your life.  It is possible for everybody.  You should always make your life fulfilled. Filled with happiness.



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Yours is truly the path to "The Oasis" in cyberspace. Thank you for making it "Globally" possible 24/7. Making his ever-presence even more accessible to the millions who have come to know his remarkable work. The first 22 years of my life had been marred with unscruplous searching and seeking pursuit that seemed endless until Maharaji came along. It has been a wonderful 29 years of existence since I received Knowledge.
Yours is the Virtual Ashram.
His love shall forever reign.
Thank you.


Thanks very much for sharing this! It adds so many more treasures to my day and life!
When I'm at work I can quickly tune in and get a breath of fresh air - the freshest, sweetest and most divine breeze there is in this world!
It's always nice seeing what Maharaji is currently doing, where He is in this wide world, reading His very inspiring words, seeing His radiant face, and seeing the bright and blissed-out eyes and faces of those looking at and listening to Him! Just seeing their happiness - truly, they are kings and queens! - makes me happy and reminds me of what I have, by great good fortune, and what I can enjoy this very breath!!!

Thanks again and keep up the great work!


Jonathan Lloyd

Thank you for this. With innerlink I can extract myself long enough from the surrounding Numbness into which i was so cruelly exposed so soon after that brief but Spectacular Holifest at RVK. Thanks for taking us along (We get to come along!) this tour with him. Reading some of what he is saying between the pictures of him and those beautiful faces that have come to listen, it's like i'm hearing this for the first time. Really, thanks for sharing this.
Warm regards to all who are involved.
George Dragotta

Thankyou for these blogs, I really enjoy them, especially all the photographs of the country and the people. It is wonderful to see how the children are all able to come and listen to Maharaji with their parents. It makes me happy in the dog days of an english winter to see this colourful country and people and try to imagine the huge numbers that are coming to listen.

What a way to start the day- reading this and seeing the wonderful photos! Thank you so much to all.

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