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For you, by you.

060402jaipurmk416 What is there within you? 

You can experience it.  Only you can experience it.  Not as a group.  Every individual can experience it. 

Your wife, she cannot eat for you.  You love your child, but you cannot eat for your child, and your child cannot eat for you.

In the same way, you can't experience that supreme happiness for anyone else.  It can be only your experience.  For you, by you. 

People think that together we will experience peace one day, and we will all be dancing together, saying OK, this is "peace".  No.  Peace is there within you.  The thing that I have been talking about - it is still there, within you.  The only thing is - you do not know it. 


The day that you know about it, your life will be fulfilled.



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Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to log in and be reminded.
I was so 'homesick' for the beautiful event we had in India in March. All these photos of Holi make me almost 'smell the earth' after the rain and my heart pounds when I see Maharaji's photos again, as if I never left. Now I don't have to feel left out from events and news. Yes I want to know -I want to be able to partake in the excitement ... and its a bit possible Thanks again

Inspiration...so much inspiration. And I need that, i need that. Thank you for this possibilities, to be in contact with my love.

Weeping in the ecstasy of longing, Breathing the freshness of each day, Sharing the clarity and simplicity of his Message.

Has had such a profound effect, watching the magic and feeling part of it All.

So, so, so, Grateful and privileged. Thank You, from the bottom of my heart, Thank You

I love this blog. Would it be possible to send it to all the people who receive the Inspire newsletter? It is very inspiring to me.


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