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Waidhan Event

On the 8th of March, Maharaji spoke in Waidhan, M.P. to an audience of around 50,000.

Waidhan_satsang1Waidhan_audience1 "It is said that god has made humans, and humans made their image as god. The god who doesn't need to be old or young, humans made him young or old. The one who made this earth, made these trees, doesn't need to plant seeds or use a plow. He doesn't need a cup, he is holding the oceans. We need cups because we can't hold oceans like this. The one sitting inside doesn't have the limitation of time.

As long as you are alive you can experience that. It's about experience. It's not only words. There are many who can describe it in words. They sing bhajans. They bring much forward in words. But entertainment of heart is something different from entertainment of mind. Heart doesn't need any music like that. Heart wants rhythm of breath. Have you recognized the rhythm of breath or not? On which rhythm are you dancing? If you are dancing on the rhythm of the tabla then one day the tabla will stop and the day it will stop, you will stop dancing.

Maharaji_2But the one who is dancing on the rhythm of breath doesn't need to stop dancing.
He can keep dancing day and night.
Sajo says that this breath sings day and night.
I'm talking about that.

People go to different places, they say they want nirvana.
They say they want to go to heaven after death.
I say that if you want to go to heaven, then you have to find heaven here.

Waidhan_people2Waidhan_people1The real heaven you can find it here. Why? Because what you want to have in heaven is possible only when you have this body. It’s just possible because of this human body. This body has eyes so you can see? If you don’t have this body how can you see beauty? People, with their own words, make a web and then get stuck in it. We are people with minds so we start thinking a lot. But we never think there is something beyond this mind and thoughts. How can we find it with this mind?

That’s why it’s important to have the experience from this heart, from this Knowledge.
In this life we should have this experience of Knowledge.

People ask about the experience of Knowledge. They say if it is so good then give it to me. Who do I give it to? Those who are thirsty."

~ Maharaji


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Thank you for this wonderful sharing and reminding me always of my truest heart's longing. When I heard you first, I was hooked. When I hear you now, I feel that urge to be with you inside and outside. Longing to be with you very soon. Always, Carol

Thank you for this. I hope to see you soon. I still love you Maharaji.

To my dearest Maharaji
Thank you from the deepest place in my heart for all your care and gifts like this one and so many others that are my real treasures.
I miss you with every bit of my being.
Altoough could not go this time, I feel like I am there with you.
Your sandra

Thank you for this site. My heart is in India. My body is in America. Thank you for the news, photos and upsates. thank you R


First of all I find myself very lucky to have Maharaji in my life. I feel he is to too kind and very generous. Look all that he is giving, all that is love... it's unbelievable all that ... this is love... I feel I need to be there with him, yes I do but I feel his love so strongly here within inside. Thank you Maharaji I love you now and forever.

Maharaji- I'm not in India with you, but my heart is over there. I'm living in France and I'm longing for your arrival this year.
You're the one who changed my life.
I love you forever. Christine

Hallo Michael,

thank you for the wonderful pictures of what is happening around the world.
Very exciting and inspiring!

all the best Regina

Maharaji -You are just too much! Your greatness cannot be spoken-so unbelievable!!!! Hope to love you forever!!!!!!!!

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