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Traveling to Gorakhpur

GorakhpurstreetsceneThe plan was to drive from Waidhan to Varanasi then take a night train to Gorakhpur. Just as we were about to leave Waidhan, we heard there was a bombing somewhere along the route and the local citizens had shut down the highways leading to Varanasi. All kind of vague. As we were preparing to leave, a thunderstorm hit the event site.

Fortunately the event had finished and we were mostly packed up, so no damage. In the middle of the storm we set out for Varanasi and got there without problems. VaranasitrainstationAt the train station I saw a part of the station that had been hit by a bomb some hours before. I don’t know the details of who was bombing who and for what reason. We finally boarded a late train to Gorakhpur at 1:30am. The rest of the journey was smooth.

Gorakhpur is an old Indian city in the state of Uttar Pradesh near the border of Nepal. Around 170 million people live in this densly populated state in northern India. The event is expected to draw around 100,000 people. There are predictions of rain during the event even though it is un-seasonable for rain.



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Thank you so much for sharing, it is a beautiful feeling to see how Maharaji is opening up the hearts of people all over the world.

How fabulous to be brought along on the journey this way. It is a thrill to get the accounts of the day, and the photos of where you are, almost simultaneously.
Thank you!

Thank you very much for all these good news. I hope to go to India unfortunately it is not possible. However facing all these information, I feel that I am close Maharaji´s word and clarity.
Thank you very much.

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