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Travel: Jabalpur to Waidhan

Jabalpur_helipad_prep_5A farmers field in Jabalpur was transformed into a helipad, allowing Maharaji to travel via helicopter and land close the the event site. The ground had become soft because of overnight rain.

When it came time to leave, re-fueling began. The weight of the fuel made one of the helicopter wheels sink into the ground! Heli_listing_2Chopper_wheel6 The helicopter was leaning to one side. This can be dangerous.

Heli_preflight_check_2 Maharaji did the usual pre-flight check and then asked the area to be cleared out. He hopped into the pilots seat and fired up the engines. After a bit of tussling with the controls he managed to free the one wheel that had become stuck in the mud. He kept the helicopter flying just enough so it wouldn't sink in, but kept it on the ground, so the passengers could board. He then took off, on the way to the next event! Takeoff Heli_departure Chopper_wheel5


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I just need to say than you again. This morning I was looking forward to read the news from India. To have this link makes me feel that I go where he goes, it is so precious!

Thanks. Your dream saves my heart with these photos and story. Perspective appreciated.

It is delightful to 'travel' with Maharaji in this way. What a wonderful idea! Thank you very much.

Maharaji talked about an Events Library recently for people who missed some events. This is so wonderful. It feels so sweet. Thank you. I like it coming almost in real time. thank you, thank you.

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