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Maharaji in Yamuna Nagar

Yamuna Nagar Villagers Maharaji spoke in the village of Yamuna Nagar to over 40,000 people on the 26th of March.  He spoke of happiness, describing the most supreme happiness that can truly make a human being feel rich. 

That is the bliss that lies within. 


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Thank you for this beautiful work. Each description takes me on the road with you and makes me feel the environment and its beauty, and that feeling -so special- when there is an event. The gratitude I feel for being able to read Maharaji's words is beyond I can express. They bring me back to simplicity, to understand the meaning of my life. Please keep with this wonderful effort, it is truly a gift.

The pictures are so delicious - it is really wonderful to see where Maharaji has been in just the last few days and know that somehow I am a part of it. Without this it is easy to forget. And the little pearls of inspiration in words...Please keep it up. Thank you so much.

Thank you for taking the time and sharing these wonderful news and pictures. Another reminder of the joy Maharaji brings to those who appreciate him.


Now we are getting somewhere! Pictures worth a thousand words. Inspiration at its finest, in bits small enough to be enjoyed immediately, anytime, and, best of all, it's current! Thanks so much to all the hearts behind this. Bill M.

I heard about this web site slightly from someone working on it and then another friend showed it to me.
I was suprised by the freshness of this project and happy to see this. Many people around the world don't get the chance to see how hard Maharaji works and how much effort people supporting him go through and we got to see a glimpse of that. Thank you for your efforts and inspiration create this site.

its nice............

Again,thank you so much for the ongoing accounts! I feel so,so fortunate to be able to access this wealth of material. Thanks again Love James

Thank you for all these pictures and summaries.When I'm sad and I look at its, read its I'm feel so near of him, it's so sweet for my heart.
Please I hope you can go on.
with love

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