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Jabalpur Setup

This is the location of tomorrow's event
Jabalpur_setup_3People are preparing for the event. Its beautiful to see their expressions.

Below is one of the trailers that will support the event tomorrow. These trailers help us alot - we can be ready for an event in 3 hours.


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Thanks a million! This is wonderful! It is like I am following Maharaji where ever He is going! I am enjoying every bit of this!
Keep it up! Thanks again!

This is so sweet and cute and nice and on on on on on on...........Thanky ou so much its like you feel you were there in the event!!!

This is wonderfull. I need this.

Thank you

Thank you, so very much. Today is my birthday and I so wanted to be with my Mahraji today and thru this site I feel as if I am there. Enjoying and sharing this incredible journey with all of his wonderful premies. Bless you for sharing your journey with ones who are there in spirit and heart. JSCA

This is wonderfull. I need this!

Thank you

Micheal, this is fantastic, I am looking at this web page several times a week.It is an excellent use of technology to keep intouch with what our Master is doing.

The longing is refueled as I read and view this site. So amazing to be a little peon on this planet when the Master is here! Each peon becomes a beautiful peony as their heart becomes fulfilled. Once again I am reminded of this beautiful feeling within. Thank You.

I feel like I am there!
Thanks Michel!

Dear Michael

Thank you so much for taking time to share this blog with us - so simple and beautiful. I often wish I could be at every event when Maharaji speaks, but that's impossible for me. This is the next best thing!

Thank you for putting the effort in to this wonderfull way of keeping in touch. very much needed for the constant inspiration that i need in this life .

I love to see the people and the country and hear what Maharaji is doing -Its a live documentary!Thanks Michael for sending all- Stephanie Davies-Sydney

thanks again michael wood for taking such a wonderful step !

Hi Michael, and thanks again for doing this. Your articles are also being translated in Italian and published on my web site, www.paroledipace.it,. Many people read them and appreciate them a lot. Thanks again, take care, Gianni

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