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Huge Potential

The potential is incredible.

Many events are planned in India.

People can hear about the possibility of being fulfilled.

That is truly beautiful.

During Maharaji's last visit to India, over 1.3 million people came to hear him speak, to hear his message of peace and the possibility of connecting to the fulfillment within.

I am awestruck that the message of one person, one human being ~ Maharaji's message ~ can appeal to so many people, so many hearts, all over the world, listening and being touched by the most  AMAZING  possibility.

A chance for fulfillment.


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THANKS TO Michael Wood !!!

The pictures and the feeling they convey are so beautiful, thank you for connecting us to this calm and inspiration. I will never get tired looking at it.

Love really helps.

Straight arrow to the heart.

This one little drop of a "lightbulb idea" will illumine the lives of all who are honored to enjoy all that is on offer here.

Thank you Michael for opening the door, and providing us a vision of what your prvileged eyes do see.
It is dearly welcomed and received.

Maharaji, for all the gifts you shower to us all, we are so, so grateful.

May light and love prevail thru all our singular and noteworthy efforts.

What a wonderful surprise. Thank you for sharing and for bringing a smile to my heart. This is the kind of news I want to read and to know all about. The photos express so much!
Please keep on sharing! Thank you, Vania

What a fantastic initiative Sushi and Michael.
Witnessing the Master's
journey as he travels this world with his message is something we can all now have a glimpse of. Precious indeed.
Thank you.

Thank you for posting these articles. I can't express enough how happy I feel when I read these positive words of peace and hope. You don't get to read that peace is possible too often.

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