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My name is Michael Wood and after reading the web log of the Fort Lauderdale event, it inspired me to post a log of my visit to India this winter.  Traveling around India to Maharaji’s events is both fun and challenging - there are lots of stories to be told.

I have been taking photos of Maharaji for many years and feel privileged to be involved in his work.  The idea of posting pictures of my travels to his events seems like fun to me so I will give it a go.

It looks like there will be around a million people seeing Maharaji “live” during the next month.  Many of the events will be taking place in remote locations.  At least 9 locations will host events in addition to the three day Holi event in Delhi. 

It sounds like fun to me! 

I hope you enjoy my web log.



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Dear Michael,
Very beautiful pictures and very good site !
I hope you will continue.
Love, Thomas


Thank you Bill for the wonderful video. I could'nt help smiling.
We all are looking forward to such cute videos in future.

Truly appreciate what u r doing

From Toronto

Hello from Malibu
This is really a beautiful treat !! Thank you, and all the best for your travels through India - It's a sweet gift to be able to follow Mahraji's adventurous tour through India and brings the love of it much closer to my heart and helps gap the time in-between till I can see Him again. The movie clips are so enjoyable, and all the photos and stories, too.
With love,

I love this blog. I just found Michael Wood's photo and comments. I want to tell him, "Thank you and please keep contributing." The pictures of Maharaji are spectacular. I love Bill Storey's film and the river film. It was such a nice surprise to see Maharaji taking photos in it. This is a real treat!

thankyou for an inspiring website

Thank you for such a beautiful site. I do enjoy its Indian spirit. I have added a Link from the http://www.premiesreunite.com
so that more and more get to enjoy your work. Fondest Regards Milky

Thank you! I'm happy this is FUN for you, as it is FABULOUS for me! How kind, how beautiful, how amazing, how joyful to be in touch like this - THANK YOU, and please continue.......!
very warmest regards
lizzie lush

Thank you, very much...
This is water for the ones that cannot go and see Him for a quite a
long time...

From Argentina

Thank you for sharing with all of us those beautiful pictures and His words.
What a wonderful way to stay in touch.
Thanks again,

beautiful to deliver us what He says with pictures on the spot....
thank you and all the best

Bonjour from France
Thank you for your nice photos and your message.

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