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Morning1_400 I woke this morning with a feeling that today would be incredible. Out of the thick fog emerged a morning of beauty and vivid color.



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The photo of that small branch with the leaves with the early morning dew is nothing but the words of the Master without words! Breathtaking! What a view!! Thank you for this and all other photos and words...they take me to my feelings!

Dear team

What a splendid effort. I ahve been blown away by the sheer beauty and immediacy of contents of this website. IT is the closest I have felt to Maharaji's live events overseas, please keep up with this excellent project. It is boon for our lonely hearts.A reminder that Maharaji is live and well and moving and celebrating every day! And I want to celebrate with Him.....Thank you Maharaji for this love. Let me travel with you on this exciting journey.

It's fantastic! What a way to keep in touch! The words and pictures are so fresh and vibrant, I am feeling totally blessed to have been given this site. Thank you for sharing.

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