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More Events

Below are links to posts from previous events with Maharaji. 

Fort Lauderdale - 11th February, 2006
Ballabhgarh - 2nd March, 2006
Jabalpur - 5th March, 2006
Waidhan - 8th March, 2006
Gorakhpur - 10th March, 2006
In Conversation: Maharaji on DDTV - 11th March, 2006
Delhi Participation Meeting - 13th March, 2006
RVK New Delhi Holi - 15th March, 2006
RVK New Delhi - 15th March, 2006
Jhariya Toli - 19th March, 2006
Ekangar Sarai - 22nd March, 2006

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Peace is Within

Maharaji Peace is within each human being, no matter if he is behind the bars or or not.

Peace is within the human being. 

There are many soldiers, who go to war.  But within, there is peace.  This is peace. The real peace.  Within you.

If you have to fight, fight.  But remember that water, that peace is always with you inside.
060326yamunagarmk110 060326yamunagarmk048Yamuna Nagar Audience

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Real Wealth

Maharaji When you are in the battlefield, you can experience that peace within. 

That is the real peace. 

No matter what religion you want to follow, you are free to do so.  But that thing that is within you, follow it also. 

Follow it. 

Understand your true self.  Understand your true yearning.  The real money, the real wealth which you have is within. 

Become rich. 

Those who have peace within, they are really rich. 

Yamuna Nagar Audience

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Maharaji in Yamuna Nagar

Yamuna Nagar Villagers Maharaji spoke in the village of Yamuna Nagar to over 40,000 people on the 26th of March.  He spoke of happiness, describing the most supreme happiness that can truly make a human being feel rich. 

That is the bliss that lies within.