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When you were young

060211_19_maharajiWhen you were young, you dreamt and you dreamt. Don't ever stop dreaming. Dreams are free. Possibilities. It is people who set the limitations. The possibilities set no limitations whatsoever.

What does that mean to you? That love, that understanding is possible.

Its wonderful that I could come here today.
40 years - it really doesn't seem that long.

I had these wonderful dreams. They came true. Let there be Knowledge all around the world. That came true. So many dreams.

I also know, there is the next dream, bigger, more spectacular - of course!

People are finishing the Keys. They are sending me emails asking for Knowledge, and its beautiful.

The most important thing is that each one of you find that joy. That is part of my dream.

So, it was great to come here. After India, I will be coming back here, and will be doing tours. Radically different. I haven't told anybody about this. It will be something wonderful, something incredible. Its going to require your help.

Including Canada, SAM, NAM, Pacific, Europe, and more.

Thank you very much for coming and have a wonderful year.

Thank you.


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Now I have discovered this site Maharaji, I feel like I have my mother and father and sister again with me, they used to write letters to me when I worked abroad au-pairing, and now they are gone I have this communication with the most wonderful of friends, you, Maharaji, thank you always, it just gets better all the time.

Heartfelt thanks for the time and work in which you engaged to share His inspiration on the 1st 2006 event.

Thank you for this site Thank you Maharaji for being in my life.

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