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Have you wished that peace for yourself?

060211_11_maharajiWhat is your expression of your existence? What is it like for you? Can you smile? Not a smile for someone else, but for yourself. Those big bright eyes, and the wish peace on your existence. Have you wished that peace for yourself? You have been given a gift. If you do not accept it, it will be gone.

These little molecules that you are made of do not belong to you. They don't. They belong to this earth.

This is it. Shine. Consciousness. To be conscious. Conscious that you exist. The most incredible wish that anybody could ever wish is coming true. Learn from consciousness. Awaken every day with admiration, and with a heart full.

Underneath the facade of this world, there is the simplest of wishes - to be happy.

They said to me at the prison, please come again. yes, I will come again. it is my pleasure, my joy.
From the prison, I drove to the airport and left the India in awe. It was just amazing. How wonderful is this realm of joy. How wonderful is this realm of fulfillment.

How fortunate are those who walk in the company of joy, of peace, of truth.


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