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What do you dream?

060211_8_stage_reverseIn India, alot of cities have reverted back to their original names. When they did this, they also had to change the name on the mile markers. The mile markers don't change, but their names do.

In this life, we have mile markers.

When you have something, its easy to make it nothing. All you do is rip it all apart. It becomes nothing.


I decided to restore a car, so I got this old 1969 Chevy. I started taking it apart, and then it got to the point where there was not a single bolt, and no paint. Up til that point, all this was there - the hood, dashboard, windshield - everything. When everything is apart, there is only one thing left to do.

Start putting it back together again.

Piece by piece.

This was a record project - 6 weeks. Yesterday I turned it on and it ran. Then i turned it off and had a tea party.

It went from imperfection to perfection.

Quite a process.

If somebody can see the potential, the vision for it to be perfect, they see it as perfect.

What is the vision of your existence in your life? What do you dream of? What do you see? In your dream, do you dream of contentment? Do you dream of that passion? Do you dream of that peace? Do you dream of that perfect melody, of that beautiful joy, that beautiful happiness?

Or do you dream of a two storey house, with a cute dog that gets along with the cat...

What do you dream?

Dreams do come true, by the way.

Be careful what you ask for.

What do you dream? Do you have that passion? Have you encouraged that passion in your life? Then you know that it takes a tremendous amount of effort to give importance to what is not important, then you must know the importance of nurturing joy. If you nurture that serenity in your life, then your fields will be filled with serenity. If you do not, your fields will be filled with thorns and weeds.

We become so complicated when life is so simple.

This existence is wonderful.
This breath is wonderful.
This life is wonderful.


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Lately I remembered that when I was very young I read stories with saints and wise men. My sincere wish and desire was not to miss an opportunity if it was to happen in my times again. Well, seeing Maharaji, listening to him, everytime gives me a unique thrill, a respect and an upliftment beyond words. Everytime! Thanks for this opportunity to express myself, thanks..

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