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I met Maharaji when he was 12...

Joan Apter just spoke about her experience over the past 40 years, in enjoying what Maharaji has taught her, and some experiences she has had over the past 40 years, since meeting Maharaji.

Here are some excerpts from Joan's speech. Joan is from Woodstock, NY.


I met Maharaji in India, by chance when he was twelve. I had heard about him previously, in Afganistan. I had met some people who were heading to the UK to tell people about Maharaji.

I spent a month in Dehra Dun in northern India, and would wait every day for Maharaji to come home from school.

I would say "Maharaji, there is no such thing as truth." and he would say, "Yes there is!" If you want to connect with that truth, you need to ask for knowledge.

I travelled with Maharaji to an event where he spoke. He spoke in Hindi, and he delivered such a powerful message, to thousands and thousands of people. I was so inspired by the feeling of the event that I asked him to teach her about Knowledge.

I would travel to events where Maharaji would speak, and watch him feed his message to people, like one would feed a hungry bird. I loved watching how he enjoyed explaining his message to people, and answering their questions, seeing their response - a response to the possibility of fulfillment.

In April of 1971, I helped arrange for him to come to LA. Every day, I would call and ask him to come... he would say, "Maybe, we'll see what happens."

Then finally on July 17th, 1971 Maharaji arrived in LA for the first time.

He would receive and invitation maybe from one person, and he would respond.

I travelled to DC, prepared an event, and he went there. He went to New York, to Toronto and to Colorado. He spent his time speaking about fulfillment, and connecting people with an experience that is real.

Maharaji taught me how to come to that place where I can say - "I don't know." He has taught me how to bring the empty cup, and to receive, learn and be reminded of the most important thing: appreciating my existence. Its absolutely extraordinary to be a part of Maharaji's

The hope that I have is to be a part of his work. All I can really do for Maharaji is to help people get connected with him. I have had so much fun over the past 40 years, helping connect people with Maharaji any way I can. I can't wait for the next 40 years - to watch, to see, to be a part of it.

His passion, his enthusiasm, never changes.

Maharaji, for you, there are many. But for me, there is only one.

Thank you Maharaji.


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