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Freedom without being Free

The world needs peace - what does that mean? How rich are you? How poor are you? You can be very wealthy, and be very poor.

Then there are those who have no money, and are very rich.

This life starts to become a beautiful dance because it is a beautiful dance. Give it that freedom that it needs, then this heart CAN fill with gratitude. No pretending. How do you pretend to be happy?

What is happiness? I know. I've seen it. I've seen freedom like you have never seen.

Last year, in December, I really wanted to go - an invitation had come, from this prison, and I really wanted to go.

It was beautiful. All these prisoners. You don't go to this jail for minor crime. But I was going there not as a judge, but as a human being, to see some other human beings. I was not going there to straighten out their lives.

I was going there for human beings.

I was in the office, and there was this man there. Bright eyed. He just kept looking at me and smiling. Then he got a chance to come close, and he said "I have been watching your videos, and I am so happy."

The prisoners set up the event. Whatever they could do to help. Then they came and sat and listened.
Its easy for them to watch the Keys, and they can also receive Knowledge. By the way, its not just the prisoners who watch. The guards watch too.

Freedom is being able to express your heart.
Freedom is being able to accept today.

Thats freedom.

Freedom is being able to say thank you, because you are alive.


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love it.

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