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24 hours to go!

Broward_county_convention_centerMaharaji is speaking tomorrow!

Today the event setup is happening.  Many people are helping prepare. 

2,000 people are expected at the event tomorrow!

I hope to see you there, or hope that you can tune in here. 
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The setup of an event is so diverse - it includes so many things - the lobby, stage, lighting, audio, video, chairs and more. 

Even the smallest tasks - like sticking letters on the carpet for the seat rows, and numbers on the chairs, so that everyone can find their seat tomorrow.  That's a part of an event that I often overlook - but everything is valuable, in helping to make the event  a success.

"Check one, two, three, four..."

Right now, the audio system for the event is being tested.  In between tests, someone is using a drill - no its a power saw, to cut wood.  The cameras which will record the event are also being white balanced.  The footage from the event will be used to produce Words of Peace episodes for television, and could also be used for many many other materials about Maharaji and his message of fulfillment.


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