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2005 - One event every 3 days...

In 2005 Maharaji spoke on 93 occasions, in 14 countries and 39 cities to an audience of over 1.7 million including 1.3 million new persons. All in an effort to teach people about the fulfillment within.


That's one event very three days!

Tireless effort, year after year, now for 40 years! This year, 2006 is Maharaji's 40th Anniversary as a teacher.

Maharaji flew the equivalent of more than 4 times around the World in 58 flights, and the equivalent
of more than twice across the USA in 46 helicopter flights...................all in an effort to further His Wonderful Work.

I know Maharaji's message appeals to everyone on the face of the earth - its about appreciation, and about feeling. He has an INCREDIBLE vision for people everywhere to hear his message - the possibility of fulfillment.

I havent flown around the world once yet in my life, and Maharaji has done it 4 times, just last year alone, speakng to people about fulfillment.

I'm so glad Maharaji does what he does! The most valuable things I have learned, I learned from him.

He has always reminded me that everything I need to be happy is within. Thats the best news.

"When people are at peace within, the world will be at peace." - I love that, and Maharaji has helped me to understand that.


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