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I will be blogging text and images from the Ft Lauderdale event commencing at 7pm eastern standard time on Saturday February 11.

This is the first event during Maharaji's 40th Anniversary as a teacher. A truly awesome time.

This blog is my account of the event,  and is not an official transcript of the event.

I hope you like it.

Angela Jones

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24 hours to go!

Broward_county_convention_centerMaharaji is speaking tomorrow!

Today the event setup is happening.  Many people are helping prepare. 

2,000 people are expected at the event tomorrow!

I hope to see you there, or hope that you can tune in here. 
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The setup of an event is so diverse - it includes so many things - the lobby, stage, lighting, audio, video, chairs and more. 

Even the smallest tasks - like sticking letters on the carpet for the seat rows, and numbers on the chairs, so that everyone can find their seat tomorrow.  That's a part of an event that I often overlook - but everything is valuable, in helping to make the event  a success.

"Check one, two, three, four..."

Right now, the audio system for the event is being tested.  In between tests, someone is using a drill - no its a power saw, to cut wood.  The cameras which will record the event are also being white balanced.  The footage from the event will be used to produce Words of Peace episodes for television, and could also be used for many many other materials about Maharaji and his message of fulfillment.

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2005 - One event every 3 days...

In 2005 Maharaji spoke on 93 occasions, in 14 countries and 39 cities to an audience of over 1.7 million including 1.3 million new persons. All in an effort to teach people about the fulfillment within.


That's one event very three days!

Tireless effort, year after year, now for 40 years! This year, 2006 is Maharaji's 40th Anniversary as a teacher.

Maharaji flew the equivalent of more than 4 times around the World in 58 flights, and the equivalent
of more than twice across the USA in 46 helicopter flights...................all in an effort to further His Wonderful Work.

I know Maharaji's message appeals to everyone on the face of the earth - its about appreciation, and about feeling. He has an INCREDIBLE vision for people everywhere to hear his message - the possibility of fulfillment.

I havent flown around the world once yet in my life, and Maharaji has done it 4 times, just last year alone, speakng to people about fulfillment.

I'm so glad Maharaji does what he does! The most valuable things I have learned, I learned from him.

He has always reminded me that everything I need to be happy is within. Thats the best news.

"When people are at peace within, the world will be at peace." - I love that, and Maharaji has helped me to understand that.

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Nearly Ready

060211_1_nearly_readyThe hall and lobby setup is now complete. The final tweaking of cameras, lights and speakers is happening now.

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Peace is Possible: Welcome to the Event!

Yes, Peace is Possible.

Peace Within.

That feeling is incredible.

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Lobby Open, and busy

060211_3_lobby_open_infoThe vibe in the lobby is calm excitement - if those two emotions can be felt at the same time. There is a wonderful feeling as many people wait for the doors to open.

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Doors Open

The doors are open!

There is a calm, excited feeling in the hall as people find their seats. The event is due to start soon.

I am so looking forward to hearing Maharaji speak. He is so engaging and passionate about appreciation of existence - such a simple thing, I know, but something that I forget again and again. Maharaji reminds me again and again how important it is to be able to appreciate.

Today I have been trying to walk twice as slow, taking everything in, and appreciating being here.

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The Event!

People are seated and the event is about the begin. Exciting!

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Mario - "I just received Knowledge

Mario, a Spanish man from Miami is speaking about how he heard about Maharaji, and the Keys, which he finished watching in December, when he received Knowledge. Mario's speech is below. Amazing - he heard about Maharaji many many years ago, but felt the timing wast not right, and now, well you can read his story below.

My name is Mario. I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I have lived in Miami for 15 years.

I received Knowledge on the 18th of December, 2005 through the Keys.

In 1978 in Argentina, I was planning a trip around the world-the Middle East and Europe, the world-- to study philosophy, theology and the history of civilizations, hoping that the experiences of the past and its thinkers would help me find my own path.

I first heard about Maharaji in Argentina through my sister and some friends. At that time people were propagating Knowledge in South America. But I didn't pay much attention.

I continued my search- Sometimes looking in religion, sometimes not. Sometimes looking for a prophet, sometimes not. Sometimes in temples, sometimes not. Always looking for answers to questions already asked, but not listening to my own heart. My
dissatisfaction was always present. As you can see, I was confused.

In summer 2004, a friend of mine named Eduardo, told me that each path that we take, whether you make one or many stops, takes you to where you want to go.

While at work, he showed me a video of Maharaji, which I watched attentively. He watched me watching, and told me he was touched by the expression of my heart shining through my eyes.

We never know about the bends and turns life takes. In 1978, Eduardo received Knowledge in Buenos Aires at the same time I had first heard about Maharaji, but didn't pay attention.

In July 2005, I started watching the Keys with the conviction of listening to Maharaji with my heart, and giving myself a chance of giving and receiving. I watched each one of the Keys slowly, taking the necessary time to allow them to grow inside of me.

When I received Knowledge, I made a commitment to give myself the time and the space needed for this re-birth in my life, showing me that I am never alone.

Through this journey I'm on, I've learned a few things about myself- I've learned that life is more than words. I've learned that I have a lot to learn. And I've learned that a good teacher is the one that shows me, and at the same time, holds up the mirror for me to see myself.

I know that I can make significant changes, and I'm already starting with myself.

Thank you, Maharaji, for allowing me to know that I can do it.
Thank you very much.

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I met Maharaji when he was 12...

Joan Apter just spoke about her experience over the past 40 years, in enjoying what Maharaji has taught her, and some experiences she has had over the past 40 years, since meeting Maharaji.

Here are some excerpts from Joan's speech. Joan is from Woodstock, NY.


I met Maharaji in India, by chance when he was twelve. I had heard about him previously, in Afganistan. I had met some people who were heading to the UK to tell people about Maharaji.

I spent a month in Dehra Dun in northern India, and would wait every day for Maharaji to come home from school.

I would say "Maharaji, there is no such thing as truth." and he would say, "Yes there is!" If you want to connect with that truth, you need to ask for knowledge.

I travelled with Maharaji to an event where he spoke. He spoke in Hindi, and he delivered such a powerful message, to thousands and thousands of people. I was so inspired by the feeling of the event that I asked him to teach her about Knowledge.

I would travel to events where Maharaji would speak, and watch him feed his message to people, like one would feed a hungry bird. I loved watching how he enjoyed explaining his message to people, and answering their questions, seeing their response - a response to the possibility of fulfillment.

In April of 1971, I helped arrange for him to come to LA. Every day, I would call and ask him to come... he would say, "Maybe, we'll see what happens."

Then finally on July 17th, 1971 Maharaji arrived in LA for the first time.

He would receive and invitation maybe from one person, and he would respond.

I travelled to DC, prepared an event, and he went there. He went to New York, to Toronto and to Colorado. He spent his time speaking about fulfillment, and connecting people with an experience that is real.

Maharaji taught me how to come to that place where I can say - "I don't know." He has taught me how to bring the empty cup, and to receive, learn and be reminded of the most important thing: appreciating my existence. Its absolutely extraordinary to be a part of Maharaji's

The hope that I have is to be a part of his work. All I can really do for Maharaji is to help people get connected with him. I have had so much fun over the past 40 years, helping connect people with Maharaji any way I can. I can't wait for the next 40 years - to watch, to see, to be a part of it.

His passion, his enthusiasm, never changes.

Maharaji, for you, there are many. But for me, there is only one.

Thank you Maharaji.

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Please note, and enjoy

In a few minutes, Maharaji will be on stage. I would like to try and capture some of what he is saying, for you to read here. I'm not the world's fastest typist, so what I write won't be his full address. I will do my best to reiterate where possible the words and feeling Maharaji is expressing.

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Maharaji on Stage


Happy New Year.
I am here to once again remind you of what is important.

There are those things that we give importance to. The reason why we have to give importance to those things is because they are not important.

You don't see people in the rainforest watering plants. But in the desert, its important.

People hit the books, everything they can, to come up with those things that should be important, so they can give importance to them.

So what is important?

What is important by its very nature? What is it that does not need this artificial support?
Your existence is the most important, the most beautiful thing you have been given.


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The Perfect Instrument

060211_7a_maharajiWhat is the perfect instrument?
Something that will move, from a very fundamental place, any human being that hears it. Does this mean that you have some role to play in making this instrument sound incredible?

Yes - you do.

The instrument that is you, you are responsible for.


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What do you dream?

060211_8_stage_reverseIn India, alot of cities have reverted back to their original names. When they did this, they also had to change the name on the mile markers. The mile markers don't change, but their names do.

In this life, we have mile markers.

When you have something, its easy to make it nothing. All you do is rip it all apart. It becomes nothing.


I decided to restore a car, so I got this old 1969 Chevy. I started taking it apart, and then it got to the point where there was not a single bolt, and no paint. Up til that point, all this was there - the hood, dashboard, windshield - everything. When everything is apart, there is only one thing left to do.

Start putting it back together again.

Piece by piece.

This was a record project - 6 weeks. Yesterday I turned it on and it ran. Then i turned it off and had a tea party.

It went from imperfection to perfection.

Quite a process.

If somebody can see the potential, the vision for it to be perfect, they see it as perfect.

What is the vision of your existence in your life? What do you dream of? What do you see? In your dream, do you dream of contentment? Do you dream of that passion? Do you dream of that peace? Do you dream of that perfect melody, of that beautiful joy, that beautiful happiness?

Or do you dream of a two storey house, with a cute dog that gets along with the cat...

What do you dream?

Dreams do come true, by the way.

Be careful what you ask for.

What do you dream? Do you have that passion? Have you encouraged that passion in your life? Then you know that it takes a tremendous amount of effort to give importance to what is not important, then you must know the importance of nurturing joy. If you nurture that serenity in your life, then your fields will be filled with serenity. If you do not, your fields will be filled with thorns and weeds.

We become so complicated when life is so simple.

This existence is wonderful.
This breath is wonderful.
This life is wonderful.

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Freedom without being Free

The world needs peace - what does that mean? How rich are you? How poor are you? You can be very wealthy, and be very poor.

Then there are those who have no money, and are very rich.

This life starts to become a beautiful dance because it is a beautiful dance. Give it that freedom that it needs, then this heart CAN fill with gratitude. No pretending. How do you pretend to be happy?

What is happiness? I know. I've seen it. I've seen freedom like you have never seen.

Last year, in December, I really wanted to go - an invitation had come, from this prison, and I really wanted to go.

It was beautiful. All these prisoners. You don't go to this jail for minor crime. But I was going there not as a judge, but as a human being, to see some other human beings. I was not going there to straighten out their lives.

I was going there for human beings.

I was in the office, and there was this man there. Bright eyed. He just kept looking at me and smiling. Then he got a chance to come close, and he said "I have been watching your videos, and I am so happy."

The prisoners set up the event. Whatever they could do to help. Then they came and sat and listened.
Its easy for them to watch the Keys, and they can also receive Knowledge. By the way, its not just the prisoners who watch. The guards watch too.

Freedom is being able to express your heart.
Freedom is being able to accept today.

Thats freedom.

Freedom is being able to say thank you, because you are alive.

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Have you wished that peace for yourself?

060211_11_maharajiWhat is your expression of your existence? What is it like for you? Can you smile? Not a smile for someone else, but for yourself. Those big bright eyes, and the wish peace on your existence. Have you wished that peace for yourself? You have been given a gift. If you do not accept it, it will be gone.

These little molecules that you are made of do not belong to you. They don't. They belong to this earth.

This is it. Shine. Consciousness. To be conscious. Conscious that you exist. The most incredible wish that anybody could ever wish is coming true. Learn from consciousness. Awaken every day with admiration, and with a heart full.

Underneath the facade of this world, there is the simplest of wishes - to be happy.

They said to me at the prison, please come again. yes, I will come again. it is my pleasure, my joy.
From the prison, I drove to the airport and left the India in awe. It was just amazing. How wonderful is this realm of joy. How wonderful is this realm of fulfillment.

How fortunate are those who walk in the company of joy, of peace, of truth.

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Who are you?

Who are you? What are you?
Trillions will come, trillions will go.
There will be history, there will be memories.
And there will be people who want truth.

Then there will be the ones who try to define truth.
Then there were those who say feel the truth.
This is the realm of Knowledge.

There is a few I know in that prison, and their happiness means more to them than any freedom you experience.

If you want in your life peace, it is very possible. If you want in your life joy, it is very very possible. Take a little time in your life for you.

For all that time you spend, save a little bit for yourself.


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Do you have passion?

060211_15_maharajiPeople look for enlightenment. Think about it. Darkness looking for light - as soon as it finds it, the darkness disappears. The two cannot exist together.

Light burns in the heart of those who have passion. Do you have passion? Of course you do. Let it burn. Let it be that joy in your life.


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This Year

060211_17_maharajiWhat's going to happen this year?
Wonderful things. For you, for everyone.

If it means one step closer to joy then thats wonderful.

One step closer to that truth, thats wonderful.

Why just one step? Because you are so close already. Its within you. One step, and you're there.

How beautiful it is for you that that reality exists inside of you.

And once again I get to go, and speak to thousands and thousands of people. I will get to tell them wonderful news. I'm going to tell them the most important thing. Its my privilege. Its been 40 years, and its my privilege.

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When you were young

060211_19_maharajiWhen you were young, you dreamt and you dreamt. Don't ever stop dreaming. Dreams are free. Possibilities. It is people who set the limitations. The possibilities set no limitations whatsoever.

What does that mean to you? That love, that understanding is possible.

Its wonderful that I could come here today.
40 years - it really doesn't seem that long.

I had these wonderful dreams. They came true. Let there be Knowledge all around the world. That came true. So many dreams.

I also know, there is the next dream, bigger, more spectacular - of course!

People are finishing the Keys. They are sending me emails asking for Knowledge, and its beautiful.

The most important thing is that each one of you find that joy. That is part of my dream.

So, it was great to come here. After India, I will be coming back here, and will be doing tours. Radically different. I haven't told anybody about this. It will be something wonderful, something incredible. Its going to require your help.

Including Canada, SAM, NAM, Pacific, Europe, and more.

Thank you very much for coming and have a wonderful year.

Thank you.

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Thank you

from Angela...

I hope you enjoyed some of the elements from the event. Remember, the words I have posted here were written during the event, and are not a transcript of Maharaji's address. They are the elements of the event that I managed to capture, as best I could.

It was so wonderful for me to be reminded again of the most important.
Thank you Maharaji.

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About Knowledge

For those who have not heard Maharaji speaking about Knowledge, here is some info about it:

When Maharaji uses the word "Knowledge" spelled with a capital "K" he is referring to four techniques which he teaches for finding fulfillment within. If you would like more info about Knowledge, visit Here you can watch a video from the Digital Library, called Discover More. This video is also available as a booklet which can be printed.

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My Dream...


During the event on Saturday, my intention was to express my feelings about the event. However, during the event, I felt that what Maharaji was saying was the most important thing to try and capture.

Maharaji spoke alot about dreams, and about passion.

For me, when he was speaking about that, I had a huge smile on my face. :-)

I realised that I have had many dreams, and there is one in particular I would like to share with you here...

Last week, while hiking on a cool afternoon, I stopped in my tracks and said to the person I was with: "You know what would be cool?!.. It would be cool if we could find a way for people to have access to some of the elements of the event as soon as possible!"

This blog is that dream coming true! In order to get it to happen in such a short time frame, required alot of passion and determination. And definitely a DREAM.

I thank everyone who helped make it possible.

And I thank Maharaji for helping me to always remain a dreamer with passion.

Over 6,500 people viewed the blog in the 24 hours following the event!