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I’ve been interested in applying social computing tools to help community members share content, comment on content, and collaborate on topics of interest. As a community leader, I can see the value of the community on a daily basis. However, the executivasdfes up the management chain always want to know what the hard business benefits are. They ask “What’s the dollar return on all this time you are putting in?

It's so nice to have you do all of the research for us. It makes our decision making so much easier!! Thanks.

This is a great collection of quotes.
Have you ever thought of making it searchable?
I sometimes have a particular subject in mind that I've heard Prem Rawat talk about and struggle to find it in print.

Loved the video!



I agree with previous comments. Great new feel very contemporary ...subtle yet succinct. Why hit someone over the head with an anvil when a feather is enough.x Raven

After thinking this site didn't exist anymore, I've with great surprise and delight just come across it again.

Love the new feel to it!

I'll pass word around amongst my friends.

Thank you

thank you - this is a lovely way to stay reminded and to share with friends.

very nice : )

I like this new format - it's modern, and the images are pretty, and I like it's humble scope....


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